About Dr. List


Dr. Lynn M. List is an inspired author, award-winning speaker and teacher, a recognized leader and a personal coach. She was voted the 2009 inspirational Leader of the Year by the Christian Woman’ Small business Association in San Antonio, Texas.  She currently speaks and teaches God’s word in churches, businesses, government agencies and community centers. She develops and distributes on-line self-help training.  Dr. List holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and has conducted research on the self-fulfilling prophecy. She has published three Christian/Inspirational books. Dr. Lynn M. List also has had a long and successful career with the United States Air Force, and currently serves as the Director of Training Operations, 82 TRW, Sheppard AFB, TX.  She oversees, manages and leads over 90 military and civilian member, exercises managerial control over 5 intermediate supervisors.  As Director, she provides information and advice on wing training operations, facilitates the establishment of standardized operational policy and procedures, and provides administrative staffing of training issues and taskings generated internally within the 82d Training Wing and externally from higher headquarters. Training Operations monitors all training programs, to include: military training, student training, instructor/faculty training,  international student management, Registrar actions, training policy, training standardization, training resources, training programming and scheduling, and training technology philosophy, vision, strategic planning, and execution. A highlight of her military career included service in the 12th Training Wing, Randolph AFB, Texas in the Social Actions career field where she was selected as NCO of the year in that field in 1984. Dr. List is also a published author, speaker, trainer and life coach.